I think it’s Thursday…

I forgot to mention that Steve thinks the name of my blog is lame. I explained to him that the only other name I could come up with is “Two cranky old people go to Europe”. I decided to go with the more positive sounding title.

Today Steve and I split up, he took a day trip to Saumur to see the Musée des Blindés and I stayed in Paris to wander around and do a little shopping. I found the Galeries Layfayette, it was ok, but not the great historic experience I expected. The glass dome was left, but the rest of the mall was very modern. And expensive. All the designer shops were there, it was very much like our Galleria shopping malls. It’s always fun to look at dresses that I have no place to wear, and would have to sell a kidney to pay for. I did find Angelina’s while I was there and had some really good, but really expensive hot chocolate. They are famous for their chocolate and it was delicious, as was the eclair that I had. It was a sugar overload for my mid-morning snack, but I think I walked most of it off window shopping in the Marais district. I found a little shop recommended to me by Pam Pate, La Vaissellerie. It’s like a miniature Sur la Table. Very cute and one of those stores where you need one of everything and a dozen of some things, if you only had the room to store it all.

Next, I ventured over the Pont Marie to Ile St. Louis, the little island next to the island where Notre Dame is located. Lots of photo ops along the Seine and a beautiful view of the cathedral. I ended up on Ile de Cite (the island Notre Dame is on) and found several cute shops. I had one of the cheapest and best meals so far for lunch, a quiche from a tiny boulangerie (bakery). I took it to go with a bottle of water and found a bench in the shade behind Notre Dame. It was very entertaining, I watched a bride and groom have their wedding photos taken and a Japanese family who were carrying around a tripod and fancy camera trying to get the perfect family portrait.

After a break, I walked back across the river to the Marais district, did a little more window shopping and decided it was time to head back. I managed to figure out the metro routes without Steve Rainwater doing it for me. It was very easy, I just asked the nice lady at the information desk what trains to take and then reversed the route to get back!

I’m back at the apartment waiting for Steve to return. I’ve done some laundry today in our strange European combination washer/dryer. It’s convenient to have one machine do it all, but it’s the slowest thing I’ve ever seen. Towels have been in the dryer cycle for over an hour and I’m sure they are dry by now, but it keeps going and I can’t make it stop. Hopefully the dry cycle will be done by bedtime. I wish I could post pictures, but I still haven’t found the cable for my camera. It’s probably at home on the dining room table. Sigh. I’ll post more or Steve can post more to tell you about his trip to Saumur and the military museum.

I forgot to mention that last night we went to the Arc de Triomphe. We climbed a very narrow and long spiral staircase to the top and watched the sunset. I have photographic evidence of this excursion. 

sunset from the arc de triumph


2 thoughts on “I think it’s Thursday…

  1. This sounds like the absolute perfect day…shopping, strolling, chocolate and lunch at Notre Dame! Wow! Tell Steve the title of your blog is classic, and we want to know about his day, too. Would love to hear about Saumur…and see more photos, of course! Love the sunset from the Arc de Triomphe!


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